*Frustration Alert* Install updates?

*Frustration Alert* Install updates?

Isn’t it frustrating when that message appears? Do you want to install updates?

Typically, you’ve just sat down, full of enthusiasm for the day ahead… when an update message pops up.

So what do you do? If you’re like most people you’ll ask it to remind you later. Nothing is going to stop you from tackling the 101 jobs you had planned for today.

But then tomorrow? Later.

The next day? Later.

Day after that? Later.

Yet delaying that update is risking you a bigger setback later on. Because not only do updates and maintenance ensure you’re working on the most current versions of software. They also keep your machine protected from the latest malware and threats.

If you hear any of your staff moaning about this, we can fix it really quickly. We can set updates to happen when they’re not working.

To keep the business safe, and productivity high at the same time. They just need to tell us they’re having that problem.

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A bad workperson blames their tools

A bad workperson blames their tools

And, sometimes that workperson is right. Here’s what I mean.

It’s likely that in your business your team have different jobs.

  • George might use most of his time writing emails to clients
  • Alice may spend her day editing images
  • And James uses his time creating presentations (and drinking coffee)

So would they all use the same machines for their work?

With different roles come differing needs. Have you ever considered if your equipment meets your team’s specific needs?

Using my example, Alice might benefit from a full HD monitor and a significantly faster computer. Whereas George would be fine with an older all-rounder.

Where do you start though? It’s usually unrealistic to scrap what you have and buy in new equipment for everyone. So look at what everyone is doing and make a list of priorities.

If you have new starters joining your business, it’s also a good time to introduce more ‘personalised’ machines. Matched to each role.

The right equipment can make it easier for everyone to do a better job. It’s an investment that can really pay off.

At any point we can review your team’s computing needs, and see if we can find ways to make them more productive.

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Get rid of your little black book

Get rid of your little black book

No, not that little black book 🙄

I mean the one you use to write down your passwords for each piece of software or application you use at work and at home.

You may have disguised the passwords to look like something else, but it probably wouldn’t take a detective to work out exactly what they’re for.

And this is a potentially huge compromise for your business.

But passwords – good passwords generated randomly – are far too difficult for normal humans to remember.

You need something to help.

That’s where a password manager can help you.

Want to know how they work and all the benefits? We’ve made a brand new video to show you.

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The year 2000 called. It wants its phones back

The year 2000 called. It wants its phones back

Technology changes really quickly.

Just think back to the mobile phone you had in 2000. Probably a Nokia, or a Motorola flip phone, right?

What about your computer? A big grey or beige box that took over most of your desk, with an even bigger monitor?

How about your office phone system? Er… was it similar to how it is now?

Everything else has moved on so much. Your phones can’t possibly be useful for how you do business today, versus how you did business 20 years ago.

Office phones are often overlooked. Yet there are countless benefits to upgrading your phone system.

We’ve written a brand new guide to show you how much more your phones could be doing for your business.

Instantly download this new guide here

Free yourself from paper and stop wasting time

Free yourself from paper and stop wasting time

There are countless advantages to a paper-free office.

Let’s start with the obvious environmental benefit. Less paper = fewer trees being cut down. Any way your business can make less of a negative environmental impact is excellent.

Then there’s the time-saving impact for you and your team. No one needs to transcribe meeting minutes because it’s already done.

No more photocopying notes and trying to decipher handwriting – just forward a document. No more piles of mess in the office; everything is tidied away into files on your network.

And if you’re not already sold, how about this: less interaction with your office printer 😃

This is the 2020 office. And the technology for it is here now. And proven.

Office 365 has a whole array of hidden features which can help:

  • Microsoft StaffHub can replace annual leave requests, and printed schedules
  • Microsoft Teams allows for online document sharing/editing, meetings and chat
  • Microsoft OneNote can replace all of your notepads and scrappy pieces of paper

What about the shelves full of files, customer information, accounting documents, and marketing?

There’s a place for all of that within your network too. You can create a cloud-based filing system, giving access to anyone who needs it, and securely locking out anyone who doesn’t.

As long as it’s all done properly and with security in mind, you can shred all of that paperwork and clear more physical space in your office too.

Don’t know where to start? That’s OK, it can be a big task. We know, we’ve done it countless times. And that’s why we’d be delighted to help your business to go properly paperless.

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Now’s the time to book your strategic IT review

Now’s the time to book your strategic IT review

3 questions:

  1. When did you last review how your IT is working for you?
  2. Will it help you to accomplish your business goals this year?
  3. As your business grows, will its capabilities keep up or hold you back?

Do you even know the answers to these questions?

I’d like to offer you a strategic IT review. I do these with my clients all the time.

We’ll talk about your plans for the year ahead. And look at how your IT can work harder to help you get there faster.

To arrange your review, call us on 01732 617744 or drop us a line at hello@crosstek.co.uk