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STOP! Before you open that email…

STOP! Before you open that email, are you sure it’s really from who you think it is? There is a lot of information about your company already in the public domain. Anything from the company hierarchy to what accountant you use can be found online and this WILL be used...

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Hook, line and sinker

Phishing scams are not always easy to spot. They are designed to come from sources you automatically trust and look genuine enough to fool a casual glance. Fraudsters are even able to appear to come from legitimate phone numbers to strengthen that trust...

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In 1968 computers make it personal

50 years ago the personal computer was born. Interestingly the first ever mouse was also used. A simple palm sized wooden box with wheels, the "doomsday" looking red button was used to click.   This demo changed the world:  ...

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3 cameras in your pocket

I am not a pro photographer but I love how the mobile device now replaces the 3 cameras I used to take on holiday with me.  And it fits in your pocket!! The cameras in the latest iPhones are, frankly, gorgeous. If you’re thinking about upgrading, here’s...

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Size matters but so does speed

A digital copy of a song is around 5mb. This is a picture of 5mb hard drive being moved in 1956. These days hard drives are a lot smaller and a lot cheaper to move. We always recommend using fast SSD drives in the computers we sell. If you are in need of a...

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Starting my journey with a classic

This is a picture of my first computer at age 9. It wasn't working when I got it but I painstakingly took it apart and put it back together which fixed whatever problem it had. I then used it to mess around with and self learn over the next 3 years before...

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Beam me up Scotty!

Google search is a great tool but we also use many other tools as part of our technology stack to provide great service to our customers. Is your job future proof? Click on the image to see the top 7 safest career choices (woohoo, IT support technician is...

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The dreaded C word!

You are going to hate me after reading this. I am about to mention the dreaded C word! In just a few weeks you’re going to have to start thinking about Christmas if you haven’t already. Sorry. If you’re planning a systems upgrade during the office...

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West Ham compounding mistakes

We can put in many security measures and layered defences on your network, however none of that matters if your staff are not properly trained. Staff are now called "bio threats". Pro tip, if you are sending a "mass mail" use the BCC option in your mail...

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Microsoft takes a step back

It would seem even the large companies of the world have teething problems with their products. At least they listened to the end users and have withdrawn a major update to give them time to fix any issues. If you have had this problem with the latest...

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