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Do you use Chrome?

Do any of the devices in your business use the Chrome browser? I’d be surprised if none of them did… it is the most used browser in the UK (two thirds of people use it). We’ve noticed a flurry of security alerts over the last few months about extensions that can be...

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An Excel trick so clever you could lick it

Excel. A critical app. But also one that can make you fall asleep. Especially when you’re using it to try to present data to other people. Did you know there’s a way to share data in a more dynamic way? It’s called Microsoft 3D Maps. And it’s so beautiful you could...

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Dave in accounts has a password disaster

So you probably know that cyber crime is a massive threat to businesses everywhere. You probably also know that poor password practice is a major contributing factor in data breaches and hacking attacks… … if not THE major contributing factor. If you've already got...

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Inbox Zero

For some people, the idea of ZERO emails waiting for them… is bliss. In fact, there’s a whole movement called Inbox Zero. Where you aim to clear your inbox every day, by being more efficient in the way you read and process emails. The BBC did a great article on it...

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Wait… Dave sold his old mobile on eBay?

Flexible working and the ability to access files on the go are among the most sought after perks of the modern workforce. But if your employees are using their own mobiles and laptops for work, it’s important that you know they’re not putting your organisation at risk...

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Wi-Fi 6 is coming

There’s a new Wi-Fi standard which is going to speed up your connection to the internet. And make it easier for more devices to get a speedy connection at the same time. It’s called Wi-Fi 6. We think you’ll want to upgrade at the end of the year or early next year. So...

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The 2020 problem is stalking you

Did you know there’s a major new computer problem on the horizon? Tech experts are calling it the 2020 problem, and it’s predicted to affect half of all businesses in the UK. In January Microsoft is ending the life of some of its most popular business software,...

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Always check your spelling

I am not the greatest speller, my typing is terrible and lets not even talk about my grammar. Always check your spelling when posting online or even sending an email. I find Grammarly a helpful addon. #twitter #socialmedia...

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Winter blues

Staff suffering from the winter blues? Here are a few tips to get them smiling. #hr #teams #business #healthyworkplaces 1) Encourage them to use their annual leave: Ok, they may have just had a Christmas break, but it’s amazing what a bit of winter sun can do for...

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STOP! Before you open that email…

STOP! Before you open that email, are you sure it’s really from who you think it is? There is a lot of information about your company already in the public domain. Anything from the company hierarchy to what accountant you use can be found online and this WILL be used...

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Hook, line and sinker

Phishing scams are not always easy to spot. They are designed to come from sources you automatically trust and look genuine enough to fool a casual glance. Fraudsters are even able to appear to come from legitimate phone numbers to strengthen that trust...

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In 1968 computers make it personal

50 years ago the personal computer was born. Interestingly the first ever mouse was also used. A simple palm sized wooden box with wheels, the "doomsday" looking red button was used to click.   This demo changed the world:  ...

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3 cameras in your pocket

I am not a pro photographer but I love how the mobile device now replaces the 3 cameras I used to take on holiday with me.  And it fits in your pocket!! The cameras in the latest iPhones are, frankly, gorgeous. If you’re thinking about upgrading, here’s...

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Size matters but so does speed

A digital copy of a song is around 5mb. This is a picture of 5mb hard drive being moved in 1956. These days hard drives are a lot smaller and a lot cheaper to move. We always recommend using fast SSD drives in the computers we sell. If you are in need of a...

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Starting my journey with a classic

This is a picture of my first computer at age 9. It wasn't working when I got it but I painstakingly took it apart and put it back together which fixed whatever problem it had. I then used it to mess around with and self learn over the next 3 years before...

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