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Smooth or rough?

What’s your team’s collaboration been like over the past few months? Has it been disrupted? Have you struggled to find ways to keep projects moving forward? Has there been a surge in miscommunication? You might be interested to learn more about how Microsoft Teams can...

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Do it for the trees

Has your business been planning to go paperless for a while? I bet during lockdown you did a pretty good job of switching to digital though, didn’t you? So ahead of a proper return, now is the perfect time to put your paperless office plan into action. You’ve already...

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So it turns out that having your people working from home isn’t the disaster you’d imagined it to be. You’re managing to keep your team motivated, productivity hasn’t dropped in the way you’d anticipated, and some people are really rather enjoying it. And that’s not...

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This could make everything easier

With many people still working from home, it’s been harder than usual to keep up-to-date with what everyone else has been working on. Virtual meetings have been vital, haven’t they? But the glitches, poor connection, messing about… wouldn’t it be great if we could...

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5 difficult questions to ask your IT support company

Sometimes in life we have to ask awkward questions. How much did that cost? Do you really need a second piece of cake? What’s that smell? But you don’t usually expect to feel awkward asking questions of an IT support company. Well, you should. A few tricky questions...

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Old tech isn’t just slowing you down

Technology moves on so quickly. As lovely as it is to keep up with the latest models of phones, laptops and tablets… unless you have an endless pot of money, it just isn’t realistic. But when your devices are really out of date, they can start to expose you to all...

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Your long lost uncle emailed

I bet you’ve received an email along those lines before, haven’t you? These phishing emails promising you thousands, if not millions of pounds from a wealthy relative, if you just send over your bank details. Erm, no thanks. But while most of us are clued-up to this...

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Especially working at home, you’re a target

Small businesses are often a big target for cyber criminals because they lack the security measures of larger corporations. In fact, hackers are targeting all businesses, all the time, using clever automated tools. With this in mind, is it time you step up your...

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Plan for the return to your workplace

We have no idea when the lockdown will end, of course. Or how any kind of phased return will work. But we do know it WILL happen. So it makes sense to be as prepared for it as you can be (those businesses that were fully prepared for working from home had a much less...

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That offer’s too good to be true

We all love a bargain. Buying things online is getting the country through this crisis. However, when you’re searching for stuff online, it’s always worth remembering that if something seems too good to be true… it probably is. Of course a fancy coffee machine at 90%...

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The assembly point is the car park

You might not be there right now. But you have a fire escape plan in your workplace. Of course you do, it’s a legal requirement. You’ll have one or two people who act as marshalls. When that fire alarm sounds, it’s their job to make sure everyone’s out of the building...

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Keep your data safe when staff use their own devices

Because we have to work from home for now, your team are probably using their own devices. Which is fine… so long as your business’ data security isn’t compromised in any way. That’s a big ask. Especially if your staff are sharing their devices with other members of...

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This protects your data in your staff’s homes

Did you know that allowing staff to access company data on their own devices is called BYOD (for Bring Your Own Device)? It’s a critical way to get things done right now… But the big downside is that data security can accidentally be compromised. So to help you while...

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*Frustration Alert* Install updates?

Isn’t it frustrating when that message appears? Do you want to install updates? Typically, you’ve just sat down, full of enthusiasm for the day ahead… when an update message pops up. So what do you do? If you’re like most people you’ll ask it to remind you later....

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A bad workperson blames their tools

And, sometimes that workperson is right. Here’s what I mean. It’s likely that in your business your team have different jobs. George might use most of his time writing emails to clients Alice may spend her day editing images And James uses his time creating...

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Get rid of your little black book

No, not that little black book 🙄 I mean the one you use to write down your passwords for each piece of software or application you use at work and at home. You may have disguised the passwords to look like something else, but it probably wouldn’t take a detective to...

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The year 2000 called. It wants its phones back

Technology changes really quickly. Just think back to the mobile phone you had in 2000. Probably a Nokia, or a Motorola flip phone, right? What about your computer? A big grey or beige box that took over most of your desk, with an even bigger monitor? How about your...

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Free yourself from paper and stop wasting time

There are countless advantages to a paper-free office. Let’s start with the obvious environmental benefit. Less paper = fewer trees being cut down. Any way your business can make less of a negative environmental impact is excellent. Then there’s the time-saving impact...

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