Now’s the time to book your strategic IT review

Now’s the time to book your strategic IT review

3 questions:

  1. When did you last review how your IT is working for you?
  2. Will it help you to accomplish your business goals this year?
  3. As your business grows, will its capabilities keep up or hold you back?

Do you even know the answers to these questions?

I’d like to offer you a strategic IT review. I do these with my clients all the time.

We’ll talk about your plans for the year ahead. And look at how your IT can work harder to help you get there faster.

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How to make your next project disruption-free

How to make your next project disruption-free

When you’re working on multiple projects it can be disruptive to everyone involved.

Everyone needs to become a bit more flexible. Remote workers might need to come to the office, or office workers will need to go out to site meetings.

And people working ‘unusual’ hours might have to change their schedule to fit in with everyone else.

It’s never easy.

Office 365 has got a great solution for exactly this situation: Microsoft Teams.

If you’re not already familiar with this application, think of it as a highly structured WhatsApp for work – and so, so much more.

It’s an online space where you can create projects and pick your contributors.  Arrange online meetings, calls and even share and edit documents.

There’s also a mobile app to keep you connected when you’re not at your desk.

We love it. So this month we’ve created a video to show you how it works.

Watch this new video right now:

Your staff are going to take you down

Your staff are going to take you down

Do you invest in training your staff so they learn new skills and expand their knowledge?

Of course you do. It’s in your best interest to give them every tool available to become experts at what they do. If they’re amazing at their job your business will make more money and grow bigger.

What about training them to protect your business from one of the biggest risks of the modern age: Cyber crime.

Believe it or not, your staff are your weakest point when it comes to a cyber security breach.

As hacking techniques become ever more sophisticated, it’s becoming very difficult for them to decipher a genuine email or web page from a fake.

Hackers target all businesses with phishing emails, malware and even ransomware. In some cases, an attack is enough to cripple and potentially kill your business.

It’s never been more crucial to make sure everyone in your business is aware of the risk.

So we’ve written a guide to help you get your staff on-board with cyber security.

It details 9 key ways you can prevent your business from falling victim to an attack.

Click here to instantly download this new guide

Stuck in a network traffic jam?

Stuck in a network traffic jam?

Road traffic can be a nightmare at this time of year, what with icy roads and dark nights.

But did you know that network traffic is a really important part of keeping your IT system secure and running smoothly?

What is network traffic? It’s the data flowing between your business’s devices (and back and forth from the internet).

Just like the road networks use traffic lights, signs and roundabouts to keep cars flowing well, we have a big toolkit to monitor network traffic and keep everything moving.

Network traffic isn’t a problem until it is. It’s the kind of thing you don’t notice when it’s working well.

So if your team are complaining about the internet speed or slow computers, we really should do a review. And see what your options are to speed things up for them.

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Coughs and sneezes spread diseases

Coughs and sneezes spread diseases

I bet there are a few people coughing and spluttering in your office this week.

Just as you have to be careful of people spreading illnesses to each other, it’s exactly the same with your IT.

It only takes one person to click one link in one dodgy email… and your entire business can become infected with malware.

Can you be certain your team know 100% what to look out for? And what to do if they suspect a problem?

We can help you with this and any other cyber security issues.

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